Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Today's Hodge Podge

I'm finding it hard to keep working on my current WIP. I'm at a point where I need to do some, well hard to prove productive, work. What do I mean? Well, I've been writing out character developments. You know, likes, dislikes, appearance, other key points, for each character. I also would like to do some writing exercises about some of the key places in the book. For instance, there's a bar & grill, and an apartment that pop up a lot and I think it would be good to have a general feel for each place. Kind of like how I want to write down my main chick's hair color. It may not be this way for other people, but for me as a reader and a writer, I like to know what the characters look like, but really as I read, I don't picture a face with details for each character. I may remember they have brown hair, but I don't have a face to go with that. So when I write, it's the same way. It's not about the way the character looks, although that adds important detail to some, to me it's about the story and the character's actions and reactions. I know, weird, right? Also, I kind of find work, like research, to be tedious. It's hard to really prove that it was important to research, oh say, a city that's in the book, but I've never been to. Again, it's important to know where the characters are, but for me, the rest of the details fade a bit. But I know that to many, these details are important, so I'm determined to get it right.
So for now, no actual editing :(
Next hodge podge, baby was very good today :) He took a 3 hour morning nap and an hour pm nap. Must have been tired :)
My work outs, to Insanity, are getting better:) I won't say more for fear of jinxing myself.
I have a confession! I've also had trouble doing the work on my WIP cause I watched the dvd's Twilight and New Moon, and then read Eclipse. I know I shouldn't, but I'm going to read Breaking Dawn too.
Horses: I want them back! They're not really gone, they're about 5 or so minutes away and I see them every day to feed them. But it's not the same! I'm feeling the itch to ride and more importantly, finish breaking out Rain. So, today I practiced loading. For those of you who've read previous post, you know how this could have gone! Bad news first. Big Boy loaded once pretty darn easy and then went into stubborn mode. Blah! I don't know why he has this one trick pony thing going on. Good news next! Nina went half way in on her own and then backed out. Then she loaded right in 2 times in a row! Lol, cause when I turned her loose she took off like I had been torturing her! Ok, 'nough said for now!
P.s. Wish me luck, hubby is miserably sick :(

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