Thursday, April 1, 2010

Here comes April!

Ok, let’s go retro. I started out on March 1 with a word count of 49,480. My goal was to write 284+ words a day to end on March 30 with a word count of at least 58,000. How was I with my self-discipline? Well not so hot in the beginning, but I kicked it into gear the last couple weeks and managed to end March with a word count of 61,104.
Ok so my goal is for my first draft to be done June 1. Really, I’d love to be ahead of schedule, so even though I ended with a + word count at the end of March, I’m going to pretend I ended right on schedule. So I’ll stick with a daily word count goal of 284+, hoping to write about 8,520 words, ending with a word count of 69,624 words at the end of April.
I hope that your current WIP is on its way to The End and if you haven’t yet started, “Today is the day.” Write something, anything… even if it’s an outline or some character names. Just get started! If you’re on your way to The End, “Go You!”
I wish you what I hope you wish me, self-discipline!

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