Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Leisure Time

So there's a study out that says mom's aren't as busy as they think. Apparently, we mom's have about 30-40 hours of leisure time a week that we don't know about! So let's do the math. We'll say 30 hours and 7 days, so that's about 4.5 hours a day. Ok, I'm going to admit, I am a horrible housekeeper and I have only 1 child. Also, I choose to *gasp* write a book, I play on the internet and yes, I do watch tv. Let's talk about the definition of leisure time. If leisure time means not doing anything, even if you're driving alone in a car, or feeding 4 hungry horses while your baby cries because he's safe, but alone in the truck, then I have 30 hours of leisure. No really, I'm not complaining about being a mom. The only time I'm stressed is when hubby has been out of town a lot and 99%(thank God for grandparents) of the care is mine. I probably have 30 hours, but they aren't quite as leisurely feeling as the word indicates. What would I like? I would like for about 7 hours of those leisurely 30 to be just me alone doing what I want, cause I want to, with no obligatin or interruption. Will I get that? Probably not, but I chose to be a mom. Of course I wasn't quite aware of just how hard it would be :) Let me tell you what though, when I go back to work and have more than 1 child, I will be going after the man who came up with this study! :)

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