Monday, April 19, 2010


So let's make it short and simple. I started last week out strong and then fizzled out :( Luckily I kept strong enough long enough that it wasn't as shameful as the week before ;) Now, as for today, I managed 970 words and I'm at a word count of 67,740. Also, for some reason I kept thinking that I only had 12 chapters in my book. Upon finishing the second to last chapter I realized that I actually have 13 chapters. So today, most of those 970 words were on starting that last chapter. I have to admit, I may be adding a chapter or may be just a short epilogue. I just don't know!
Ok, I know this isn't numbers, but I did the 2nd work out of month 2 of Insanity and it was a little better :) Not much though! LOL Have a great week and stick with it, whatever your it happens to be :)
Oh, one more thing, baby now has another tooth! That makes 8; he got the first 7 all at once it seemed and it's been a couple months since the last. This tooth totally explains his recent behavior. Ok, over and out!

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