Monday, March 15, 2010

Fear and Distraction

So, I have only 3 more chapters left to write! Rather than elation, which is what I thought I'd feel the closer and closer I got, I'm feeling trepidation. If I keep going like I have been, then I'll fall around 7,000 words short of my goal of 75,000 words. That's not what bothers me though because that's just a round about goal for me. What bothers me is the next step. I just commented over at Deadline Dames the other day about not being afraid and not worrying about "Am I good enough?" Well, now that I'm getting closer to editing and queries, etc. etc. I'm beginning to hear that small doubtful voice! As quiet as it is now, I still hate it and fear it!
Now, as for distraction, I have warred the whole time that I've been writing this book. Sometimes because I all ready "know" how the book goes and ends, I feel like it's done and over. Never mind the fact the story's in mind head not on screen! Now with fear rising, I find the distraction tickling my brain, but I'm resisting! At least because I have so much editing and developing I can't try to write a sequel! lol, I'm not worried though because I've got 2 other WIP that I'm determinded to finish once I'm done with my current WIP. Ok, enough blathering! Just to update, I'm at 54,696 words :)

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