Thursday, March 18, 2010


hopefully doesn't really come before the fall. Hopefully, no fall comes! lol, just a joke. You may not be laughing, but I am. Don't worry, I'm mostly ok with the fact that I'm usually the only one laughing at my jokes.
Anyways, my pride comes from recent work ethic. I have slammed through some major writing the past few days. From Monday until today I've written 3,502 words. That is a lot for me!
I'm over half way through chapter 11, quickly closing in to the finish line. Just 2 more chapters after 11 is done! Wow! Anyways, so I'm proud I've written so much this week and that it looks like I'm going to hit my March goal. That was not something I was sure of last week. Ok, so here's the low down: word count is57,583 and there are 177 pages done. Just today I wrote 1,304 words. Ok, so onward, onward! Hope the weather where ever you're at is as nice as it is where I'm at. Can't wait for baby to wake up so we can go outside again!

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