Monday, March 1, 2010

Recap and March Goals

The word count as of February 28 was 49,003 words. My goal for the month was 45,568. I exceeded my goal but there’s a problem. I had faulty mathematics in my January goal, I think I counted 6 months to write when it should have been 5. My old daily word goal was too low because of that. Why does that suck? Because I’ve been thinking I’ve been ahead of my goals and really I haven’t been that good :( There’s life for you!
Just as a reminder, my goal for the first draft of my current WIP is around 75,000 words and I’d like it to be done by the first of June. So let’s do the math to see where I be! June 1 – March 1=3 months until deadline! 75,000-49,480(I wrote some today)=25,520 words to go! Now let’s simplify this for me to find out what my goal should be now(caution my simplifying=estimating, which means numbers are not exact for my goal, but that’s ok because I hope to exceed my goal!) Ok, so 3 months is about 90 days, which means we’ll take 25,520 divided by 90 days to find that I need to write 284 words a day to reach my goal. And since I don’t want to write weekends and I’d like to finish before June 1,that means I need to be writing way more than that! Wish me self-discipline
Let’s some this up: current word count on March 1 is 49,480; end of month word count goal 58,000; daily word goal is 284 +. Again, wish me self-discipline!!!

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