Monday, March 29, 2010


Ever have one of those moments where you think, "why in the heck did I write it that way?" Well I had one yesterday. It was all about the settings for the whole of my current WIP. While I'm sure it made some kind of sense when I decided on the settings in the beginning, it does not make any sense now! Why, why, why did I make those decisions? I have a yucky feeling that editing this first draft might just be worse than writing it in the first place! At least after all of these mistakes I have lots of ideas of what needs to be done before I edit the 1D. At times I think to myself I should have done those things before writing this book, but then I remember how wishy washy I was and how everything was so... I don't know, just out of grasp? For example, my main chick is nothing like I thought she was going to be. If I had taken any more time thinking about her and not just writing her, then I'd still be thinking about this book instead of 2.25 chapters from The End. Every now and then I get distracted by the thought of what to do when I get to my next WIP but it's just that, a distraction. I can't let myself think about a shiny new toy :) lol, I hope you had a great weekend, I did! Have a great week too!

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