Thursday, March 25, 2010

Those pesky characters

Grrrr! I went into this book having fairly minor descriptions of my characters. I had what I thought I knew about them based on the plotline, how they felt about each other, and in my main gal's case that first soap box episode she had with me. I really didn't feel I could get too detailed with the descriptions, I just didn't know the characters well enough. Boy was/is that true! As I've been writing, the whole time I would realize after a scene/chapter.... that may be something wasn't quite right. Because of my 'no editing' rule I've been making notes in my "wip diary" for the editing process. As I made the note, I'd tell myself that I would write the rest of the book with those changes in mind. You know, so as not to have to make so many changes later. Let me tell you, that can get confusing. Not to mention, each character is growing and changing increidbly! And occasionally a character, I won't name any one(main guy), has said "Umm, that's not right... no that's not right either... no try again...oh heck, I don't know!" Grrrrrr! So not only has he been wishy washy on me, I've decided my 2 prominent secondary characters have gotten confused with each other. Seriously, I have got some major editing to do. I plan on doing very detailed rewrites of each character before going on to editing draft one. But for now, I have to just keep plugging along, because I don't plan on stopping and fixing anything until The End.
Oh, and I'm desperately feeling the need lately for a total reading splurge. I've watched both Twilight and New Moon, and now I want to reread all four books. I'd like to read some new stuff too though. I can't afford to do this right now or my schedule, dedication and wip will be in jeopardy. Time to buckle down and get this book finished! I'm pretty sure right now that I'm going to need to take at least a week of ignoring this wip before I get started editing it. Ok, enough of a rant, time for bed. G'night.

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