Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Trailer loading 2

Two days after failed attempt
I worked with both Nina and Big Boy at directing them to walk between a bulky mounting block set a few feet from the side of the round pen. Both did well, although they were a little frisky. I can’t blame them though; they’ve had the winter off. Next came going into the stall. The barn we currently have has two stalls with no doors, that you have to step up into(it’s about a foot high step) and one long run in area. I could stand on the outside of the stall and send Nina in and out. I could walk her into the stall. I have been able to both lead Nina and send her in the trailer in past hauling experiences. Big Boy would let me walk him into the stall but did not want me to send him into the stall. In all past hauling experiences with Big Boy, we have always had to lead him in. Now on to the trailer. Nina was a little nervous, but she did behave and actually put both front feet in. I was able to ask her to back out before she could do it herself, which takes some good timing on my part, let me tell you! Big Boy acted very calm around the trailer considering Sunday did not go well for him. But he was his normal self in that when he gets to the trailer he starts locking up. I walked him up to the trailer and backed him up and walked him up and backed him up, repeatedly. I wanted to practice approaching the trailer. We’ll see how tomorrow goes, I’m trying to be positive.

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