Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Let it snow, or not, or may be so?

So it's snowing, really for the first time this winter. I don't quite know how I feel about it. Before I would share the excitement that many others feel, but since I don't have a job(or at least a leave the house job) and I'm not in school, I am fairly indifferent. Because of baby, it's not like I have to spend a whole lot of time outside anyways. Not that I really mind that, because I hate cold weather.

Anyways, the numbers are: ~50 minutes spent writing between yesteday and today, 847 words yesterday and 972 words today, I'm on page number 93 and the Word Count is 30,455. So all is well in that department.

Baby has not been sleeping all that great the past couple of nights. He woke up much earlier the other night to eat. I can not even begin to predict my child! I will say, he is definetely teething right now, so anything goes. He has 4 swolen spots on his top gum. I attempt to check each day for a pearly white, but none have shown up top yet :(

Now, purely for the sake of showing off, I thought I'd add a picture of one of my horses. This is Rain, a little paint mare that I have for sale :)

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