Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Here Kitty, Kitty

First, a numbers check in: current word count is 32,397; number of words wrote yesterday 1,617 (yes, I wrote like crazy!); page number is 98.

I had a wonderful weekend which is part of why I wrote so much yesterday. I didn't write F, S, or Su, so I had to get my word count goal caught up. Last minute, hubby, baby and I decided to go see some cousins and friends from where we used to live. We also went to a union meeting for hubby's job. It was the belated holidays meeting, so we got a free meal. Unfortunately, I didn't learn from last year and I ordered steak again. I do not like rare steak and that's how it was cooked. Yuck! On a happy note, I got to visit the whole time with a college friend. It was great to catch up! Baby was happy and friendly with everyone. However, come Sat. night, he was crying for no known reason and didn't want to go to sleep(even when we used the secret weapon of apple juice.) I can only guess he was too hyped up from lot's of car riding and meeting all kinds of new people.

Ok, now for my post title, here's my fave kitty. Yes I know I shouldn't have fave's, but I do, and that is that.

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