Sunday, January 24, 2010


So, I have reached my goal for January and in fact have surpassed it! *Celebrating* I am however, going to continue on as if I haven't reached my goal. Keeping in mind life and baby, I wouldn't want slacker'd-ness(is that a word?) now to ruin me for later. Plus, while I have set a reasonable goal for finishing the first draft, I would be very happy to have it done sooner!
My current word count is 37,663. I have surpassed my goal by over 1,000 words! Ok, I'll stop bragging now :) Come February 1st I will take into account the current word count that day and set my goal for the month, keeping the same daily goal of 258 words(more if I want weekends off). Also adding to my satisfaction today is that, I worked on my WIP both Saturday and Sunday! Go me! OK really, I'll stop now. I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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