Monday, January 11, 2010

SPOILERS AHEAD, Bound to Shadows by Keri Arthur

Author: Keri Arthur, Book: Bound to Shadows (book 8 in the Riley Jensen series)
I just finished this book yesterday. This is the first book I'ver read this year and the first I've read since October 2009. I loved it!!! In the beginning of this series, I wasn't sure how much I actually like Riley. She kept the books worth reading, but I'm not into the whole must have sex at the full moon thing. However, I also don't know any werewolves, so who knows, maybe I'd be more understanding if I did ;) Throughout the series it has seemed that Riley is always struggling with major issues that effect both her and the people she loves. I almost always feel like she's making the wrong decision! But it always works out in the end and the struggle makes her so very real and relatable! I especially like how Keri handled the soul mate issue and Riley's having two souls. The fact that Kye was absolutely not right for Riley but was her soul mate was captivating. The whole soul mate issue is one that can go so many ways and Keri took it just the right way for Riley. It's still sad that Riley literally had to kill her dream. Keri did such a good job, I'm looking forward to see how she wraps up Riley's series.

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