Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm getting sleepy...

Current word count: 36,065
I have been practicing discipline and it's been working! Now, I wonder, will I blow my goal this weekend? Possibly, because I tend to use the weekend as family time and I don't write too much if any(I do worry and think about it though).
I'm so tired! Baby slept rotten last night. The one negative that I can think of about having moved is living in such a small apartment. I would definetely parent different if baby's crib wasn't in our room. I wish he had his own room! Hubby and I disaggree on night feedings. There's been times where I would just let baby cry it out but because hubby works, he just wantd baby fed. I don't believe baby always needs fed, although he does eat it. Oh well, I will deal with what I've got and not be grumpy 'cause I'm super grateful that we live close to our families.

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