Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The. Plunge.

I am walking toward the edge of a diving board. Off it's edge is a pool so deep I cannot see the bottom. I still have time to turn around.
This is where I'm at. Not literally though ;) but with regards to self publishing. Even though it hasn't been that long since the idea tickled my brain in a way which I actually considered it a possibility, I can't remember what tempted me. Regardless I have found myself exploring the path to self publishing my own eBooks. There is so much to it! There is the actual product(don't rush it but you must provide more than one before you're likely to gain traction), the cover, the blurb, the cover, the advertising, the actual "publishing" and who to use for it(Amazon, Draft2Digital, Smashword, etc), and social media.
I have read so much advice, it is hard to absorb it all. One thing I've discovered is perhaps why I've been tempted. Impatience. It's true. But based on some other advice, I'm ok with that motivator. I'm okay with not wanting to wait on traditional publishing. Except I haven't given up on traditional, I'm still planning to pursue it for some of my works. But the advice that made me ok with trying to self pub was to ask yourself why. And I did. Why do I write and why do I want to self publish?
Because I love to write and I want to share my stories. I want others to enjoy, to hopefully even love, my stories. Of course I would love to make money, or a living or even a million bucks, but that isn't my goal. That isn't why I've been trying to get published. It would just be a fantastic bonus ;)
So from here, where shall I go? My tentative plan is as follows:
1.Continue to query the novel I've ummm kind of slacked off querying
2. Start an author FB page
3. Start self publishing a series of short stories(the bonus is this was a book I couldn't seem to wrap my head around when I thought of it as a book, but now that I've considered it a series of shirt stories, it is coming to life!)
I'm not stopping, neither should you!

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