Thursday, March 3, 2016

Handing it over

Earlier this week I handed a second draft over to my beta :) This is unusual because I wait until the third or even fourth draft. But it felt right and I felt like I couldn't go further. I need to be sure the story is right before I pick apart the grammar, etc. Today I pulled a repeat and sent her the 2D of a short story I just finished(the one I plan on self publishing.) Now I'm  left to sit on my hands waiting...
I don't think so! There is no sitting on these hands because I've got work to do. So as much as I would like to anxiously await her feedback while doing nothing else, I'm gonna write!
Speaking if which, last night I gave myself the freedom to skip ahead to a scene that was begging to be wrote. I simply don't do this. But I've done it twice now in the past week. Oh the contradictions! It worked for my short story but I know I'll pay for it with the book I'm working on. Oh well! I'm trying to maximize the enjoyment part of writing ;)
Never quit! Stop, think, reevaluate, make changes, but don't quit.

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