Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Chronicles of Chora: Secret Whisperer

Ok folks!  It's official...ummm as of last week that is... I self published my a short story.   It's called Chronicles of Chora: Secret Whisperer. I've priced it at just $0.99.
And I've got more coming for the Chronicles of Chora!  I'm currently working on the next story and I've already got a tentative outline for the third story in the series.  I'm going to include the cover and a brief description below for you.  Also I've got a little flash fiction from another character who will appear later in Jael's story. I'll have it up soon!

Jael lives in a land where all magical beasts are deemed dangerous.  By the King’s orders, magical beasts, human or naught, are to be hunted down.  They should be caught and if they resist, killed. 

Jael is one of those with magic.  She is a whisperer, with the ability to talk to animals.

To save her best friend’s mother, Jael will risk it all, her secret, her life and even a unicorn.

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