Wednesday, March 16, 2016

To Do List

Complete final draft of first short story...waiting on review by Beta

Complete first draft of the next short in the series... 5,269 words done with a tentative goal of 8,000

Tagline for first short... Sent to Beta for her opinion

Blurb for first short... Same as above

Cover for first short...Done! (You're surprised, aren't you?)

Title for first short... Done! (I'll tell you after I publish it, wink, wink!)

Facebook page... I admit, I've been putting this off until I actually publish. So it will probably happen right before I publish my first short.

Advertising... Again, I'm waiting until the story is actually published, but then I've got a plan. At the end of the book I'll mention my FB page and this blog so future readers can interact with me, and I've got a sort of list going for places that will list the story for free :)

Keep writing...don't stop...haven't stopped...won't stop!

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