Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sneak Peak: Secret Whisperer

Here's a sneak peak of a my now published short story, Chronicles of Cora: Secret Whisperer.

“No.  I am sorry I have done nothing until now.  I don’t even know what to do, or how this could work.  To bring a unicorn into the city is to guarantee its death.” 

Fane slammed his hand against the door behind him.

“To do nothing is to guarantee our mother’s long suffering death.”

“Fine.  I will see what I can do.  But, it’s a magical beast.  I cannot control him.”

Fane frowned.  “But you are a whisperer.  Can you not control any animal you wish?”

“That’s not how it works Fane.  I know the King has said otherwise, but it is not so.”  I clenched my teeth together to keep from saying something else.  I was tired of all the lies.  I was tired of being told I would destroy our land by simply existing.  Fane frowned, but said nothing before he left, closing the door quietly behind him.


“Where is it?” he asked.  He threw his hand out, waving at the forest.  “Where is the beast?”
            My teeth ground together.  He said it like a curse word.  No one had seen a beast in years, but still they were used to scare women and children into obeying.  I had no desire to be locked in a cage, and I knew Fane planned to exactly that. And he would say it was for my own good. 
            Shrugging, I answered him.  “I doubt he will come now.  He knows what would happen if he were captured.” 
            He stepped forward and grabbed my arm, yanking me to him.  “And yet here we are.  How exactly did you plan to bring him to my mother if you cannot control him?”
            My eyes watered as Fane tightened his grip.  The tender skin would be bruised tomorrow.
            “I was going to ask him to come.”  It sounded pitiful when I said it out loud, even to me.
            “Perhaps, I will make sure he will come,” he said.
            I heard the hiss and felt the cold blade against my cheek. 

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