Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I couldn't think of an exciting title, so I just chose hmmmm... Really it should be as boring as yesterday's only titled Tuesday. I spent two hours cleaning at our new house this morning and baby was very well behaved. Unfortunately on the short ride home he spiked a fever. After a little snuggling and worry on my part(plus a little medicine for him) he fell asleep. Unfortunately I have in town business I have to attend to, so hopefully the little bugger is feeling better when he wakes up.
After a long hiatus, he finally started saying mama again. I am thrilled to not be lumped into the same category as hubby and be called Da for the rest of baby's life.
Once baby went to sleep I had lunch and then picked up on my third read through of D4. I've made it to chapter 12 and my eyes are tired! I've given them a few breaks, but this is a hardship I've been facing constantly when editing for the past couple weeks. I'm hoping it's just the fact that I tend to stare really hard at the screen while I edit. Soon I'll be writing a new story and hopefully my future more relaxed stare(which often tends to be inward rather than at the computer) will ease my aching eyes. And in case you were wondering, yes I am still waiting on bil's edits. He claims he's actually been working! I know, shocking, right? Also, he doesn't have internet at home, so he can't do it after work either. I feel like a kid a Christmas because I'm so excited about sending this book out. I only hope I can keep it up.
Once again let's talk about NaNo. I'm still disappointed about not participating, but considering a different option once I start writing. And this option may be for December instead of November or not, I'm not sure. It's called WEED, or Write Each and Every Day. No days off! I'd like to also apply a daily word count goal but this troubles me because I'm very busy and it's going to stay that way between substituting, trying to find a more reliable job, getting the new house ready, moving, and the holidays. I think it will be enough for the next couple of months to just stick to the goal of write each and every day. Even though I'm editing right now, I am doing pretty good about EED, so hopefully I'll be able to stay dedicated to WEED once I start. We shall see. Ok, I'm off to go continue my 3rd read through of D4. I think to save you from the monotony that is my life, I'll do a Cover's I Love blog :) Gives me an excuse to look at books anyhow!

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