Saturday, November 6, 2010


I finished draft 4 today, 11/5/10. And then I formatted it so that as a manuscript it was ready to go. Draft 4a was typed in Arial font, size 11. Draft 4b was changed to Times New Roman, size 12. 4a was 230 pages long and 4b was 245 pages long. It absolutely amazes me how much of a difference that made. Why didn’t I write it that way originally? I don’t remember how draft 1 started out, but as I started editing, so D2-4, I changed the font(just once) so that I’d be in “editing” mode. Did it work? I think so. Draft 4, which is my final draft *crosses fingers* for now(hopefully the book sells and reality says if it does, there will be another draft) ended statistically this way:
Word count: 72,203
Page count: 245
What now? I’m waiting for editing/comments on my synopsis from bil, I need to fix it, specifically address my queries and then query my book! Yay! Sooooo close! There’s only one agent who requires a synopsis, so I’ll probably query most before the synopsis is ready for her.
I hope you all are reaching your goals!

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