Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Uh ohhhhhh

After reading through chapter 5 and 6, I went on to edit 5 while stewing on 6. I was not a happy camper when it came to stewing on 6. I knew I needed to do a major rewrite on it and I tried desperately to find some way to convince myself that I was wrong. Well, I wasn't and I need to. So yesterday I came up with a general outline of how the new combined with a little old chapter 6 should go. Now I need to write it. I'm finding that I am definetely in a different state of mind since I've been editing and it is a daunting thought to switch gears back in to writing mode.
All the while I've been toying with an idea for a different book and this has made me grateful that I decided to let the other idea sit and stew in the back of my mind while I continue editing my current WIP.
I had a wonderful weekend with family and got a couple horses moved to greener pastures(literally). Not to mention I spent 45 minutes last night working with Rain. I round penned her, saddled her and got on and off her once from both sides. Yay! I'm heading out camping this weekend and it should be lots of fun! Oh yeah, I took baby to a water park today and he loved it!
There's your all around peek into my life for right now :)

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