Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Catch Up

Ok, so like I said, I went camping this past weekend. I stayed in a camper for the first time while camping and I admit it, it was much easier to be in a camper rather than a tent when you have a one year old. Baby had a blast, but in many ways, at his age, camping is the same old same old for me when it comes to watching him. I know that one day he’ll stop when I say stop and stay close, but that day wasn’t while we were camping. Thank God for the camper and the pack ‘n play. When he wasn’t inside one of the two, I was chasing him around, keeping him away from the other campsites and more importantly away from the fire. He loved the river, but I’ve discovered he doesn’t like the water coming up near his head, even when I’m holding him. So he doesn’t really enjoy it if I’m chest deep; he’d start whining or trying to climb up me. Oh well, that’s an easy fix :)
I spent Monday writing part of chapter 6 in first person. For some reason that was the only way it was going to come out my brain, down my fingers, through the key board and onto the page. After I wrote about 1,000 words/4 pages, I did a rough copy paste of the new stuff with the old stuff that I want to keep. Next I need to do some major editing to make it all work nicely together. Which is what I did today...Can you tell I prewrote some of todays blog? Anywho, let's finish it up...
Ok, so I didn't do super good on my list yesterday, but between yesterday and today, I've done great! I went for a run today, working on my book both days, cleaned up around the house a little yesterday and took care of baby both days! Yay me!!!
I'm still plugging away at chapter 6, but it's a little easier now 'cause I'm not writing, I'm editing. *Read* cut, paste, delete, type, cut, paste..... I will conquer this chapter!

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