Friday, July 23, 2010

Lub Dub

So I had my stress test today, got an event monitor and had my blood taken.
1. I went 12.5 minutes on the treadmill, it got faster and higher every 3 minutes. By the end, I was running! Let me warn you, they practically yank you off that treadmill when you're done and plop you on the table to ultrasound your heart. My blood pressure was 156 over 85, my heart rate was 175(I needed a minimum of 165 or maximum of 195). I guess I'll find out next week how it went.
2. An event monitor is a pain in the butt...'nuff said.
3. Got a voicemail just before I dropped my mom off at her house that I needed to lay off the deep fried food and creamy sauces for the next 8 weeks and it said they were going to do another blood draw after that 8 weeks. Good thing is I don't like creamy sauces, bad thing is I don't eat very much deep fried food. So what I'm wondering is, do I ever get fried food again? and I'm wondering if it's not the fried food, then what is it? The sad thing is I started exercising 4 or 5 months ago so I could eat whatever I wanted! I'm trying to tell myself it's good to be preventative when it comes to my health...we'll see if that works.

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