Thursday, July 15, 2010

Glug Glug

So, my family health history is overloaded with heart disease, hince I went to see a cardiologist, just for preventive measures. Now I have to have blood tests for my heart and thyroid, take a stress test, and wear a halter thing to moniter my heart. Ok, so sometimes, maybe half the time, my heart will jump(they call it palpations) during exercise and aparently that's not normal. Despite all that, I'm not really worried. Strange, huh?
Anyways, exercise was my accomplishment of the day(so far). I ran for .8 miles, took a 3 minute p. break, ran for .3 miles and then walked for .5 miles. Acording to my new pedometer, I burned 135 calories, took over 3000 steps, and of course went the distance of 1.6 miles. GO ME!!!
Now, on to chapter 8, which when I read it yesterday afternoon, I liked dispite the mistakes I found. It was a strange feeling to read it thinking, "Hey, I actually like this?!"

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