Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tired and Numbers

What is it lately? I have got a case of the I don't wanna's! It's such a mixture, hormones, hubby laid off, baby not sleeping well, baby not sleeping well, not enough me time... Have I said, "baby not sleeping well?" Let me elaborate, between teething, snotty nose and whatever else, it feels like baby is 2 months old again rather than EIGHT months old! What is going on here?
I will admit, I did have two excuses for not writing, lack of sleep and stumped in my plot. Now I just have one, lack of sleep/bad sleep. And yet, I still don't wanna! I'm sorry for complaining :(
So here I go, number goals for February.
I need to write about 258 words a day, and more if I don't wanna write on weekends, to reach my goal of having an approximate 75,000 rough first draft done by June.
So far, I've written zip words in Feb.
I need to have a word count of 45,568 at the end of Feb. Of course that will put me ahead of schedule, but "Shhhh" we aren't paying any attention to that fact!
Wish me luck, I'm desperate for it!

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