Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An end :(

No, not The End of my current WIP, but an end to a fabulous 2 weeks. Hubby was laid off for 2 weeks and rather than stress and worry I have thoroughly enjoyed spending so much time with hubby and baby. Well the good/bad news is, he is back to work. Now, while I miss hubby a lot I will say, these next few days may prove that he was a writer's block(not of ideas, but of actual typing.) I have all ready wrote 802 words today. Woot, woot!
Ok, anyone out there do the work out Insanity? I've been doing it 2 weeks now. I haven't lost any weight! But I do feel slightly tighter and slightly more fit. However, I have majorly hurt my, ummm, ankles I guess. I think it would be more appropriate to say achille's tendon, but it's not actually that tendon. Oh well, suffice it to say, I can't walk. In fact, the other day at church, someone asked me where I got my sexy new walk at. Of course, they thought I had been stomped on by one of my horses. Nope, I had to admit that I can't hold up to Insanity as well as my fil, who is twice my age! LOL! While my right ankle is mostly better, my left ankle still hurts like the dickens. Stepping in a hole while feeding the horses was probably not helpful. I've taken 3 days off of working out, but I'm going to start up again tonight. There are a lot of maneuvers like jumping up in the air with your legs in the position of a squat, that I simple can not do because of pain, but anything is better than this nothing. Yesterday I felt really cruddy and I think it's because I haven't been working out. Isn't it strange that something so hard and exhausting can make you feel better?
Ok, enough blathering, I'm off to read throught a scene I started earlier during baby's am nap so that I can get in the groove and keep the scene moving.
My hopes to you for succeeding at whatever your day's goal is.

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