Monday, November 9, 2009

Up, Down, Up, Down

Riding: Ok, so I actually wasn't posting the trot but it made for a good title. Right? I think if I acutally posted I'd probably scare the dickens out of Rain and make her shoot out from under me and leave me on the ground. It was warmer than normal for November so Rain actually sweated and she actually got tired! She did absolutely wonderful! She learned how to drop her head while stopped, or rather she learned to lower her head and neck, but not how to soften her face/jaw at the same time. To help her with the softening of the jaw/face, we're working on giving her face/jaw/neck to each side. She gives better to the left than the right. Rain even did wonderful when the other three horses went out of eye sight into the other field. I really want to ride her tomorrow, but I need to ride Big Boy so he's ready for my nieces lesson on Wednesday.
Writing: None :( However after having several days of not writing I realized I wasn't coming up with new ideas either. Then, in the middle of the night I woke up to the characters talking in my dreams. Laaaaa. I also realized at church on Sunday something else. I haven't been able to find music that really inspires me and gets me in the mood for writing. I have found that music/genre and that makes me super happy :)
Baby:Slept from 9 pm until 5 am, woke up to eat at 5 and decided it was time to be up. I spent the next hour and half getting up every 10 minutes to turn the mobile back on(he was turning it off) and/or putting the binky back in his mouth. When the alarm finally went off, he had been asleep about 10 minutes. Sounds cruel, but I woke his little butt up.
Job: Considering substituting at the local school, but not really sure I want to ;)

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