Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Can you say, "short attention span" ?

Riding: None this morning, my f-i-l had to go pick up one of my nieces, aka another of his grandkids, to babysit today. But I did give my one of my other nieces a riding lesson. She did good, but she was in a goof off mood, so unlike last week, she wasn't "great." Don't get me wrong, she picked up on everything quick, she just wasn't in the mood to "keep at it." Oh well, she's a kid.
Writing: None :( But.... Hubby stopped by WallyWorld and bought MO, so I'll be at it again soon. That's a good thing too because I have lot's of thoughts and ideas and words floating around in my head and I feel like a kid who really needs to tie the balloon to their wrist or they are going to lose it!

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