Friday, November 6, 2009

Just Riding, oh and Baby

Writing: No MS word and I detest writing long hand. Actually, what I detest is typing what I wrote long hand. Oh, and my hand cramping up while writing long hand. Ummm, yeah, I detest writing long hand.
Riding: Well, let's start with Wednesday. I gave my niece her first lesson in a few weeks(she was sick and other kid stuff got in the way) and she did great! Plus, Big Boy, was a saint and made me realize why I love him so. My N would start tsking(she can't cluck) for a trot and I'm sure that Big Boy thinks there is a loud fly on his back and then when she gets to the spot that she's supposed to have him trotting by, *thunk! thunk! thunk*, she whacks him with her heels, he jerks and then starts trotting. Bless his heart!
Now on to Thursday. I worked and rode Rain. I could tell when I was long lining her that she was bored, so I moved on quickly to riding. She did wonderful! We did almost as much trotting as walking and she was great. A couple of times she would drop out of the trot on her own, aka being lazy. But I would much rather her be lazy than be hyped up. It was a great ride. Today, no babysitter :( But hopefully hubby will watch baby tomorrow and I'll get to ride her again.
Today: I am having a good day so far. Baby is only a little fussy at times. Maybe he's trying to make up for horrible nights? For some reason he thinks he can get up an hour early than his normal night feeding(read: 3 am instead of 4 or 5). Here is the problem, I know he can make it to 5 am with out having to eat. So the other night I was trying to decide if I should try to eliminate the night feeding or not. Well, baby decided for me when he woke up way earlier than normal. So, I didn't feed him, but I did change his diaper cause it was full. Not to mention he is then fussy for the rest of the night, then he screams bloody murder at 5 am to eat and low and behold he hardly eats. What is up!!!! And my question is, if I have to get up and change a diaper at 3 am, why don't I just nurse him?! Sometimes I just don't know!

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