Monday, December 7, 2015

Where am I now?

Sometimes I get lost along the way, as I'm desperately traveling down this path towards being published. Always I'm hoping the dead ends aren't the one that means the end of this journey. There are so many reasons for my getting lost; sometimes it's the kids, or the husband, sometimes it's because querying and getting  no's sidetracks me from my current WIP, sometimes I've lost a feel for the story.
I haven't written in a while and I'm not talking about here on my blog although that's true too. Adding on top of that I received 4 form rejections last week. So to handle this I am rewriting my query and contemplating walking away from my current WIP. I have a completed first draft that I could be editing and I'm wondering if that's my best course of action. But the truth is, as a writer, I'm lost right now. I'm staring at a map but I don't know which path is a dead end. I'm hoping I choose the path that once I've  walked it I will naturally be at a point to continue on the next path I should choose.
That's all very dreamy and makes it seem much more poetic than the truth which is in my writing life I am at a point to be likened with depression.
Keep wandering, don't stand still .

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