Monday, December 21, 2015

What I'm Reading

So right now I'm reading... Draft 2 of my WIP R! I've tried to read some stuff, some from book bub and I've even tried reread some books I love but nothing had grabbed a hold of me, refusing to let go. This is a shame cause it's Christmas break and my son is home(he's six). As well as the fact my husband is working close to home. What this means for me is I've got more demands for my time throughout the day. It's easy to put down a book if I'm "needed" and start reading it again later. It is much harder for me to even start editing when I'm afraid of loosing my momentum when I'm interrupted. Example right now: the littlest one would not fall back asleep and is now on my lap which means I'm not sitting in front of my laptop any more.
Just keep trying!

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