Friday, November 11, 2011

Thank You Veterans!

There is so much for me to say today :) First and foremost, in the USA it's Veterans Day. I know people who have served and are serving in our military and I am eternally gratefull for their sacrifice. Even when they come back physically whole, looking fine, there is still a sacrifice made. Service and war changes people, yet many go back again and again for you and me. I pray God's blessings fall upon them.
Next... I'm on day 2 of taking a break and my head is a boiling pot! Part of this is due to some emotional overload I'm experiencing in my own life. Extreme emotions always need an outlet and writing or thinking about my stories is my outlet. I'm off work and at home today with my toddler, so I have a big decision, work on a story(a new one), take a nap, or keep reading My Soul To Save?
As for my personal life, well I'll go there just a little bit. There are several people in my life struggling with personal problems. When they suffer, I suffer. It's hard for me to balance my compassion with leaving things in God's hands. I have a friend whose husband is battling cancer in a very scary way right now and it breaks my heart for her. I'm praying for them and I'd love it if you all could too. That's not all there is going on, but that's all I'll say. I'll leave it at saying once again, emotional turmoil.
I hope if you're struggling in life right now or know others who are that you're turning to God or being a light for Him to them. Keep on keeping on!

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