Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Say Hello to The End

So I finished the second draft!! This is only the second time reaching this goal(seeing as how this is the second book I've ever finished) and I'm not quite sure how I feel. Relief, excitement, eagerness to plunge ahead, dread at starting another draft... I intend on taking a break even if my brain is currently churning for the next issue to solve. I need time to refresh myself. I'm looking forward to reading something I haven't wrote. I've tried really hard and succeeded in not reading anything else for at least a month and just working on my book. Now I'm going to read the 2nd soul screamers book by Rachel Vincent and try to read the 3rd book in a different series that I loved the first 2 but couldn't get into the third. I'm hoping that was because my brain was too caught up in my own book. And I'm not sure what else other than seeing Breaking Dawn(though I'll probably be working on ready to start working on my book again by then). You guys keep On and remember to keep yourself rejuvenated creatively!

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