Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Ok, so life is a little bit of chaos right now. I got an email from an agent that wasn't a no! Lol, it's not a yes either, but it gives me a little hope, which is much appreciated right now. Here's the deal. I queried said agent and forgot to paste my first five pages into the email. Rather than use that as a reason to just forget about me, agent emailed asking for those first five pages so they could determine if the story might be a good fit for her. So, at least the query peaked her interest enough to ask for 5 pages :) And, if you think otherwise, I'm begging you not to burst my bubble!
Now, as for the title, here's some of the chaos. I received the email yesterday at work on my phone. I replied that I would email the pages when I got off work. Well, I don't have internet at home(remember?) so I went to my parents' house to use their internet. Well, my computer wouldn't pick up the internet and my dad's doesn't have word. So today I got off early at work and went to the library to use their internet. First they don't have WiFi and second they charge a fee to have a library card because I live outside city limits! The worst part is I understand, possibly, why they have to have fees, but it still makes me mad!
Needless to say, I came to my in-laws to do my emailing and decided to blog while I"m at it! :)
The rest of the chaos is mostly about hubby's job changing and our close friend isn't getting better. Life goes on and I take the good with the bad.
I didn't write yesterday, I spent my time plotting out this next chapter and I didn't write today because I didn't get a lunch at work since I got off early. Excuses :( I'm hoping to get it together and write tomorrow.
I also need to clean house :( Ugh, life is busy right now, but I'm happy and I hope you are too. On to life!

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