Sunday, January 23, 2011

Busy Oh My

This week has been something else, let me tell you. A good friend is in ICU and has been for a whole week. The dr.'s expect he'll be there another 2 + weeks. I've prayed to God and I know that if it's His will; he'll be healed a lot sooner than that!
I had Monday off work and spent half of it all by myself. Yes, I took baby to the sitter's and had some pure me time! I got a little over 900 words written that day. Now, I'll admit the scene I wrote has been lightly sketched out and stewing for over 2 months.
I had orientation 2 days at work and took ribs for lunch a different day, so I didn't get a whole lot of writing done. I have finished said scene and been randomly brainstorming the next chapter for some more details to help me along.
I had a great day yesterday after I got off work, spending several hours with just me and hubby and then ending the night with a huge group of friends eating out to celebrate one of their birthdays.
As for today, church, family time, querying out my first manuscript(talk about a time suck!) and more family time planned for this evening.
Hmmmmm..... I don't think there's much else, at least that I can think of for now. I'm going to leave you with my insistence on you keeping on writing and my current word count.
15,071 :)

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