Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thank YOU!

Thank you GOD! (Seriously, I'm a christian) I have had two somewhat rotten nights of sleep due to my baby, I had a pretty rotten work out with the mare I'm training this morning. I will say I definetly prayed to God to help me control my temper(2 bad nights of sleep) while working with Rain. Well, despite her being a turd, I did keep my temper in check. Somewhere in the fog of sleepiness, crankiness and trying desperately not to be out of sorts that it felt like all was going wrong and I was desperately wanting to finish something successfully with out interuption from a fussy baby I had a realization. Yes, I have a goal to finish the first draft by the new year and yes I want to make a career out of writing, and yes the dishes need done, but more importantly, I have a son! He is the most important thing and if I don't finish the book but he is happy then life is still great! Laaaaa, thank you GOD for knocking my ocd mind into order. I will win this battle of frustration at not finishing tasks in one try and not being able to write out book plot ideas as they come to me!

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