Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rain and Rain Don't x

So it's been raining a ton and that's been holding me up with working with Rain. Combine that with no baby sitter and I've not gotten a whole lot done.

Now on to writing. Well, again, I haven't done a lot of that either :( No baby sitter, fussy baby, nap times when he's with the bs, my m-i-l borrowed the lap top for work, it just hasn't been working out. I did however pop out 6 minutes of plot work before my son woke up from his nap and that got out a quick outline of an idea that was floating around in my head while my lap top was MIA. During the next nap I also put in about 41 minutes of writing to the tune of 616 words. So right now I'm at 9378 words and 26 1/2 pages(MW not publisher's standards). Only about 70000 or so more to go.:)

On a web surfing note: I love to cruise around at other writers' blogs. They give me inspiration to keep writing, answer questions that are lurking in mine and other writers' heads, remind me of things that I should be doing. For instance from the Deadline Dames blog I've gotten the goal of writing a crappy first draft. All I want to do is get the words on paper and not worry about editing right now. To that idea of just getting the words down, I'm adding what I do as I write a story. I have a word document that is my story and then I have a w.d. that is my "research." It includes far more than research though. I have research, outline, character details, edited out scenes that I may want back :) and most importantly the "talking to myself" section. ttm is the most important part because this is where I keep track of my word count(for motivation, etc.) and write down editing ideas that I need to take care of "later." Basically the ttm section is my blog to myself. I highly suggest this if only for keeping track. Heck, maybe y'all all rady do this, but if not, I hope my suggestion helps you out.

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