Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Of course a book is hard to write. I know that, other authors(published or not) know that. But what I wonder is how hard is it for other writers? And do they face the same problems I do? I've started 3 different books and haven't finished any. I have finally determined that I am going to focus on one book at a time and finish it. My goal is to finish my YA book by the first of the year. Let me clarify that, by finish, I mean write the first draft. As for the editing and querying, well, I will see how long that will take when I get there. Right now I feel like I'm fighting through this book. I've done an outline but then I change it here and there. I've thought about how I generally want the book but now I've got to get that down. That can be pretty hard when I'm writing during my son's nap time(which was sporatic at best today :(, and in the evening when I'm tired from the day. Yes, I am whining! Ok, now that that's been said, onward to riding.
I rode my gelding today and he did wonderful! I rode Rain, the little mare I'm breaking out, yesterday for the first time in about 10 days. She did really good for me. So good that I even trotted her a little. She is going to be a wonderful little mare and dispite pressure from hubby, I have no regrets for taking my super slow time with her(which isn't always neccessary for her, but it's how I like it.) Ok, that's all for now.

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