Saturday, April 23, 2016

Update(said as one would say hump day on Wednesday!)

So much busy going on! I finished the first draft of my third short story about Jael. I immediately knew I got the ending wrong. I just picked one of the options I had been tossing about and within 12 hours I knew in my gut it was the wrong choice. The good news is this is just a first draft and I can fix it! But not now because now I'm getting down to business and preparing to publish my second short story! There is so much that goes into it , in fact so much that I'm going to do a post all about it! But for now, suffice it to say I have a good start! Besides all the nitty gritty I also need to start my third and hopefully final draft :)
Behind my short stories, I still have that pesky third draft for my WIP R, as well as a synopsis and query to do second drafts on!
In the wings I have another novel still in the middle of first draft which I need to and still want to finish. The wanting is how I know the story isn't a dead end.
Also I have a novel I've queried to about 50 agents(goal of 100 within 2016) and I am seriously contemplating self publishing it. Realisticly I need to keep self pubbing my shorts and building my readership to have a diving board to jump off of with that novel.
Also of note I've made the decision to go Select for 90 days with my second ss to see if it makes a difference with sales. There's a program just for short stories through Amazon and I'm hoping it will help. I will keep Secret Whisperer available everywhere it already is though and I eventually plan to publish more broadly with Jael 2(temporary title).
Over and out but not done keeping on!

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