Sunday, February 7, 2016

Beyond the Writing

Just like every other writer, I have a life beyond my writing. So here's a flash:
Bullet journaling?!?? More question marks for a reason. I've just heard about this and I'm going to try it, emphasis on try. Here's the thing, I'm not good at journaling, but bullet journaling is different. From what I've read, it's basically making you're own very personalized planner that is also a journal... Of sorts ;) I'm going to try it because I've sort of been doing this, but all spread out. I have the calendar on my phone that I use for appointments and things of that nature. I usually write a list of things I'd like to accomplish daily. I have a white board I fill out every week with my weekly schedule + goals for the week/tracking generi. Tasks( did I give the dog her pill today? Did I wash hockey gear yet?) I have a list on my phone of books I'd like to read. I've got pics on my phone of books I saw in the store that I'd like to read. So you see, I'm all spread out. Calendar-wise I like this because I feel like the more I write stuff down the less likely I am to forget. But I really like the idea of looking back and seeing that I have been productive or maybe that I haven't and it will kick start me. I'm afraid I'm just adding one more step, but may be not. May be it will work.

I've been busy with life! And it's stopped me from writing. I've been visiting/socializing and my girls naps have been happening when/where I'm not able to write.

Friday I spent the day looking out for the dogs that attacked one of my heifers, getting meds for said heifer(who's name is Luna!) and then trying to treat her unsuccessfully. Today was a success so I'm feeling better about her.
I'm on at least my third week of obsessively trying to watch all the reruns I can of The Big Bang Theory.
My wee girl has been sleeping like crap! So I'm not sure why I'm here and not asleep. I need to go to sleep.
That is all!

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