Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fickle muse

I don't really feel like I have a muse.  I just have stories that insist on being told.  Or if they fade away then the time wasn't right. Novel A is basically complete(does a writer ever feel a story is truly complete? Hence the basically complete) and I have sent my query off to five agents. I received my first no in less than 24 hours. It was a form rejection :( it is really rather painful. No other responses as of yet. I'll send more out in the next couple weeks.
Now other than doing the next go round on the synopsis, I need to let A go and move on to another story.  This is where my nonexistent and yet fickle muse comes in. I have a completed first draft of WIP R and I could/should go work on draft two. But(we all knew that was coming), another story has been tickling my brain. I have been letting the ideas tumble around, knowing I needed to decide on some background stories and world building before I could proceed to plot. I did all of this, all while knowing I should be working on R. If R would speak up, it would be easier. Instead this other story keeps talking. That is until I put some world building on paper. Suddenly the story has backed off. Now what am I to do? Which story should I chase? Logically, I should chase the story closest to publishing, the one with a completed draft one, not the story coyly dancing in my head.
May be there is a fickle muse, and the stories are her puppets? If so, me and her need to talk, seriously.
Chase what needs chased...your dreams.

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