Wednesday, July 22, 2015

POV change

I'm coming to the conclusion of the first act if my WIP which also means I'm about to switch pov. I'm writing this WIP in 1st person and have three mc's. The story on a whole belongs to the first mc I'm featuring but I just really felt act 2 and 3 needed to come from the other mc's pov's. I should be finishing chapter 6 tonight and then I'm back to refine the drawing board. I had already plotted out the majority of the first 2/3's of the book, but now I need to refine mc2's part of the story. I've also got to get to know mc2 a little better to make sure she has her own distinct presence and not the presence mc1 perceives her as... And all the while make sure I'm advancing mc1's story and not forgetting mc3. Oy!!! It's complicated. And on the outskirts of my thoughts is another WIP that I left brewing after finishing draft 2. Knowing that it is that much closer to being published makes it tempting to drop this multiple pov story. And yet, how can I drop a story that has been so willing to be told? I can't. Keep on keeping on. Write the story that wants to be told.

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