Saturday, July 4, 2015

Just a Little While

Yeah, so it's been a lot longer than a little while. I'm back at a point where I'm writing again, consistently(that's an important point.). I'm also thinking about being published again. After numerous rejections of my first two books and life requiring me to fully participate, and you know, having another baby and quitting my job, I'm finally writing again. This 3rd book is actually been in the works for at least 2 years. The first draft took FOREVER to finish and even though I wanted to publish it someday I just couldn't bring myself to touch it again for fear of how hard it had been the first time. The second draft is allowing me to think I can now handle this book. Quit laughing at me! So for whatever reason, when I'm serious about writing I tend to want to blog about it. I'm not sure why though. Regardless, I'm here again. Honestly, who knows how long, but still I figure, why the heck not?! Keep on keeping on ;)

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