Tuesday, November 12, 2013

NaNo WriMo Check In

Lets start with my rules. That's right, my rules not the rules. I'm using this month as a motivational time to join a ton of other writers in putting words on pages. My rules, or goals or whatever you want to call them are to get this draft 1B finished or unbelievably close. While ideally I'd like a 60,000 word manuscript, I'll settle for 50,000 at the end of 1B. I will squash the little bit of OCD in me that protests that is too short. My word count is not at all limited to new words written. The goal is to finish. This is a novel I hand wrote until about midway and then got stuck. With a the plotting I referred to in an earlier post(..post-it note plotting..) I am doing some majority g tweaking to the original draft 1 as I type it. So just 50,000 words, new and refurbished. Now for some stats! Word count... I'm getting close to writing new words and not just overhauling draft 1A. This feels a bit like walking toward the deep end of the pool to jump in. I'm not a strong swimmer so that's an intimidating thought. We're almost halfway through November and I'm almost halfway in my word count!!!! Super excited about that! Music...You Tube and music videos, which I'm listening to not watching, has been a real mood setter. I've been listening to some of the following: the piano guys, Taylor swift, miley Cyrus, Passenger(my favorite so far!) Where...I've been writing on my birthday present, my own laptop :) When...I've been writing at work on my lunch and at home in the evenings. Well that's all! Be prepared for actual numbers on the 15th.

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