Saturday, November 23, 2013

Get Away

Every now and then you just need to get away. Me and hubby have needed that for a while just to treat ourselves and keep our marriage strong. That was hard to start this morning even though after the week I've had it was beyond needed. Lets just say my stress level and tiredness has tripled in the last week. It's hard for me sometimes to step away from a story I'm deep inside and focus on real life. I found myself flipping between conversation with my hubby and the story in my head. But I needed that, I needed to get pulled into a good part of my life away from the stress and away from the story I was trying to hide in. My husband deserves my focus. Sooooo...we got away and I'm loving it. As for writing, it's going good despite life trying hard to overwhelm me. So tomorrow I'll get back to normal and keep on keeping on :)

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