Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Finding Balance

I was thinking about balance today as I slogged through a two mile run. That run shouldn't have felt like my legs were moving through mud, but it did. I had a knee issue last week and as a result I begrudgingly took a week off. Because if I got going too soon I knew I might have an even longer lay off. I had to over correct because... I guess I ran too hard when my legs were tired from some increasing mileage and speed. I should have backed off and instead I pushed too long. My 2nd to last run was AMAZING which I'll blame for my lack of common sense. I needed better balance. Sometimes in your writing life it's intense and the word count is sky rocketing. I say go for it! Your body won't suffer, but always, always keep in mind you can't continuously neglect the rest of your life for an amazing word count and not expect some consequences from the neglected family, friends, work, etc. And sometimes it's ok to take a break from writing, just not a ridiculously too long break like I did :) Just a little nnwm update: it's going great right now! A lot of this is stuff I already wrote, it just needed reorganized and Tweaked. I'm still nervous about the last half of the book which is what stalled me out before. Keep on keeping on!

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