Sunday, May 5, 2013


Well, I've two stumbling blocks in my life. One of which is GoP, which I am currently querying. Nothing can obsess you or depress you like trying to query out a book! I keep getting stuck on one is my confession... I have not written a synopsis yet. I know I'm being lazy, but for grief's sake, I've written a whole manuscript and a query, and now you want a synopsis too!!! I will have to give in and write one I know, but currently I feel like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum. I just want you to want my book. Simple as that. Block number two...I am stumbling my way through what I guess would be a writers block with my current WIP. I came up with a complete change for the main gal's love interest. I thought this would "fix" my block, but alas it did not. This morning, I came up with yet another change, an additional character... I have not yet worked through that addition, so I am still in the dark as to whether or not it will help. I keep wanting to cling to my original idea, despite knowing it would have been altered no matter what. May be because these new ideas mean a really big rewrite. As in, not another draft, but almost a whole new book! It is overwhelming to say the least And now, I have to get going, life is interrupting this blog! :) Got to live it to write it!

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