Friday, May 24, 2013

Smile :-D

Holy cannoli! Looking back I've had some depressing titles lately! Life really isn't all that bad! Especially since I will be experiencing a 4 day weekend!!!! One exclamation mark for every day! I have big the house, washing the dog, shaving the cat, shopping;-) Okay, so lets get real. I know my life is enthralling, but it's time for the nitty gritty. I haven't written in a couple weeks. I've been stuck and lazy. I've let myself get distracted at lunch(my writing time) and spent it on the Internet or talking to coworkers or running(which I don't regret cause I love running). I've also been obsessing on researching agents for GoP. At least that's writing related. I need to focus and re-plot out this book. I have been pondering some important questions about my current WIP, such as: 1 what does A want? 2 what is stopping A from getting it? 3 what problem in A's world needs solved? I'm trying to balance/figure out A's personal journey and the world conflict that is happening as well as thinking about the overall arc I want for this series. It's a lot to sort out and deserves the thought put into it. But I also need to buckle down and write! For the next week my computer is out of town with my husband but once it's back I'm going to have to get back my discipline. Wish me luck! Hope you're journey is full of living!

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